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The biggest problem with most lead sources is that they prioritize volume OVER quality and readiness.

When this happens, your pipeline ends up full of people who aren’t looking to buy/sell.

This will make it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for you to have real consistency in your client acquisition.

At Evergreen Agent we believe that lead quality is the most important thing.

All of our leads are generated using organic content and paid advertising using specific messaging to attract ready, willing and able buyers and sellers.

Now, this doesn’t mean every single lead generated is qualified and will convert to a closed transaction but our average client is converting 3-5% of leads into closings (6x higher than the industry average).

You can have your first new leads in as little as 7 days, your first client in 30 days and be pocketing 2-4+ commission checks within 90 days. Of course, this depends on you as well. As long as you’re actively communicating with us and giving us what we need along the way (basic info to get you set up properly) then this will be no problem at all.

First things first. “Exclusive” just means every lead generated are your own and will never be shared with anyone else. Each agent/broker/team has their own individual system so everything generated belongs to the correct person. We understand some people have had bad experiences in the past so we have an “Open System Policy.” This means that upon request we will literally show you our backend to verify that your leads are NEVER shared with anyone. This can be verified several different ways. Your leads are your own. Next – lead quality. The difference between a high-converting lead and a tire kicker is intent. Who do you think will be the better lead? Someone who opted into a funnel to see pictures of houses? Or someone who clicked specifically to see how you can help them buy the home they want? The KEY DIFFERENCE is the specificity in the message. Wrong message = wrong lead. Right message = right lead.

At Evergreen Agent we’re focused on building the most reliable client acquisition system for real estate agents. All of our resources are put towards making our products better, we will never trash our competitors. We’re the best because we focus on the core of what matters to an extremely HIGH CALIBER. We take completely different approaches to building real estate businesses. Our Recommendations: We recommend you try “our competitors” and pair them head-to-head with us. See which company delivers the highest quality leads, the best lead to close ratio and produces the most profit for you. Unlike our competitors, we also have a guarantee where if working with us doesn’t pay for itself at least 3x over, we’ll issue a full refund. We have the most reliable client acquisition system, team building process, client support and ease of use.
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